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21-09-2021 12:48
Hello everyone

I have an ac related question. I have a 1997 dodge ram van b2500
conversion van (its got the 130 or 160amp alternator not the standard
90ish amp one). the van also was abused by the prior owners before i
bought her and gave her some tending loving care.

anyways the ac does not work, and repairing the ac system would be expensive, wiring was melted, system was taken apart etc.
what I am wondering is if i can use it in the van with little work to provide the van with ac, as its hot in florida.

i am not talking about running the ac off solar, batteries, or a
generator. I want to run it off the vehicle when its on and driving.

the ac does not plug into a cig lighter so i'd need to get an inverter
but not sure what size inverter to get or if the vehicle electrical
would even handle it with the inverter.

what about adding more wiring (i'd have to hire this out electrical is
not my thing) and running it off the vehicles battery or generator.

is either of these possible without spending a lot of money?
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