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Registered: 08-01-2008
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05-02-2008 10:47
can I unlock my D880 using USB cable? my network providers are delaying giving me the unlock code. I have heard that the phones can be unlocked using cables.

Registered: 01-02-2008
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06-02-2008 12:38
Na, I don’t think so. you can not unlock your phone using your phone’s USB cable. you need some special flash cable for unlocking.

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15-12-2010 13:39
you can get the unlock code for your Samsung model mobile, through this site www.unlocking4free.com [unlocking4free.com]
It provides the easy methods and some new ways for unlocking mobile phones......

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07-10-2011 10:58
thank U moni..

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20-10-2018 14:17
No, its not true at all
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