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13-09-2021 08:07
I heard a mixed reaction when I talked about creating a casino partner
site. Some people think that I am crazy, since this niche is very
saturated, and warned me against opening it. They say that it takes a
lot of money to launch it (I'm not sure what they mean by this), and
that it is already saturated with big dogs.
So I'm asking here, before I move on to this niche, is it still
appropriate to open a casino affiliate website in 2021 for a beginner?
Creating a casino affiliate website is very different from your
usual niche website, if you did some keyword research and looked at
competing sites, you would understand what I mean.
How will link building work? All I see is a PBN on literally every website.
I already have a list of keywords with a low long tail coefficient. I'm just not sure if I should continue.
The traffic source will be SEO.

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13-09-2021 11:28
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