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12-09-2021 20:16
Hi! I am trying to transfer the responsibility for paying the bills to my daughter, who lives in another state, but she does not have a license to complete the transfer. What can we do to complete this without both of us having to go to the AT&T store?

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12-09-2021 21:01
Don't know, man

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12-09-2021 21:03
The only thing it needs is identification, so don't worry. In general, such questions are very primitive and are often asked. Before creating a topic, please look at the information in the same Google because people ask the same thing. To be honest, I'm reading here, and it's a little annoying. Although I understand everything, there are beginners. Some people do not understand these issues. Someone makes mistakes and so on. After all, I also once bought myself a fake driver's license, and I honestly admit that I felt cramped and uncomfortable at that time. I kept thinking that the police would stop me and send me to prison. However, the copy of such documents was almost the same as in the original ones. 
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