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Water wave hair [curlyme.com] is part of the foundation of dress up, because few other accessories can change your type as quickly, easily and deeply as completely different hairstyles. Whether it's Hippie mats, long braids or neon party pages: no matter what you plan, we have the right water wave hairs! In order to let you enjoy your water wave hair for a long time, you will find important tips, techniques and information about water wave hair modeling, care and treatment here.
What is a water wave hair made of?
Our water wave hairs are made of high-quality synthetic hair. It looks very real and can simulate a variety of hair types very realistically. However, you should always remember that it is not real hair - the treatment and care of water wave hairs must be different from real hair. In the following, you will learn all the information about the care, styling, cleaning and storage of our water wave hairs.
What size do you need to consider?
Most of our water wave hairs are supplied in unit quantities and are suitable for almost everyone. Some models have adjustable hem sizes. If the water wave hair is still too wide, you can shorten the elastic band. Just cut the "tunnel" in which the elastic band runs carefully, cut a piece from the elastic band, and sew the elastic band and the tunnel together again - your water wave hair will fit like a glove.
How to restore a wrinkled or messy water wave hair?
Sometimes, water wave hairs are a little messy or wrinkled when they are removed from the package after transportation. This is not the reason for being in a bad mood, because our synthetic water wave hairs can be easily restored in a few simple steps. This principle is its work: gently shake the water wave hair () and then drag it to the foam polystyrene head or water wave hair rack (both can be obtained cheaply on the Internet - just Google search) to expand it into the head shape. Hand gently stroked the synthetic hair and leave the water wave hair on the foam polystyrene head for 24 hours. In this way, the hair and the underlying network are restored to their original shape.
How to wear a water wave hair correctly?
water wave hairs are always pulled from front to back. Keep your head straight. Put the water wave hair on your forehead below your hairline and gently pull it back. Look in the mirror and see if your hair is showing somewhere. If necessary, just tuck it under the hem of your water wave hair. If your hair is particularly long and / or thick, we recommend that you also wear a hairnet under your water wave hair.
Can water wave hairs be shaped? Do they need regular maintenance?
Comb / brush your teeth: if you handle your water wave hair carefully, it needs little care. If you are still dancing wildly at the masquerade party, so that the water wave hair hair becomes chaotic, please use a soft brush to carefully brush the water wave hair back to its original shape. Do not use other combs and brushes - these only apply to real hair. Alternatively, you can use special water wave hair Brushes - these brushes are suitable for synthetic hair because their structure prevents synthetic hair from static electricity and protruding from all directions when the brush passes through.
Straighten: to straighten a curly water wave hair, put the water wave hair head in the sink or bathtub so that the hair can hang freely without staying on the floor. Pour hot water at 70-85 ° C on it. Water must have a proper temperature - so a thermometer (cooking thermometer, tea thermometer...) is essential! If the water is too cold, straightening will not work, and too hot water will damage the water wave hair. Do not pour water on the top of the hair net, bangs or water wave hair, but only on drooping hair. If necessary, you can repeat the process until the hair is completely straight. Then let the synthetic hair dry on the foam plastic head (just like after washing).
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