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08-09-2021 21:09
Just got an IRK and was thinking that at least for VMPs it would
make sense to have the VMP coupon autofill or apply retroactively since
otherwise you’re likely to miss out as you’re entering the coupon code.
Or maybe just make it automatically apply to all orders, since I, for example, know that I forgot to use it several times.

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10-09-2021 15:09
That's an idea!! Good!

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10-09-2021 15:22
Dude, I honestly understand you. I have this very often. I also very often forget to use coupons, and then their validity expires. It isn't very respectful. Therefore, it would be cool if the site sent a message to the mail saying that, " now such a coupon or discount or promo code is valid. Don't miss your opportunity." Or configure the plugin, which will show that you have a coupon on this site. It is the most convenient. I found this at https://www.healthcanal.com/coupon/charlottes-web [healthcanal.com]. Here all coupons work, and you can find out precisely the expiration dates. I'm much more comfortable with him.
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