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Registered: 05-07-2021
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08-09-2021 12:51
Do you wear hats? It would be interesting to find out which hats or caps suit you the most! I would like to wear some kind of baseball cap

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08-09-2021 21:49
Nah, I hate it.

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08-09-2021 21:55
Yes, I have a lot in my wardrobe, 6 Panel Hats [headwearhut.com], and I like them. In general, each person has their style and their taste for clothes. Many people hate hats, although I believe that hats, on the contrary, adorn a person. And if you would like to wear a baseball cap, it is best to buy such things on the official websites of baseball teams. They are always original there and, to be honest, not very expensive. I hope my opinion will help you, and in the future, you will find your dream cap, haha. Good luck to you and do not forget always to measure such things, because the size is always different.
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