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04-09-2021 20:33
But it can stand alone unless a mod wants to move it, which might be too much of a PITA now that it has replies.

Nice read. 6 pages with less than 1 page of actual complaints. I think
my bible study requirement for the next 3 months has been satisfied.

OK, on a more serious note. Folks can buy and sell in a manner they
choose, but as a buyer, I Still recommend what I posted earlier in this
thread, and further do not recommend ever paying via paypal "friends and
family" or "gift". If you do that you are specifically "gifting" the
person at the other end.

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05-09-2021 13:05
The payment and trading methods are as important as those with reference to the field in which you want to invest. Surely each of the elements of an investment are important, but especially the procedural ones, which must be followed rigorously. I had a lot of questions when I started my first actions, but due to the fact that I wanted to be successful I started to read a lot. One of the readings that impressed me was off https://tradingskeptic.com/motley-fool-review/ [tradingskeptic.com]. I recommend it to everyone who does not know this mechanism very well, it is also funny but also very useful

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Your conclusions have some fairness
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