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03-09-2021 11:12
The automated trading forex can save you money on the lucrative market
of currency trading.This automated forex trading has a great advantage
as it allows you to perform your business with minimal learning through
specific systems.

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03-09-2021 13:17
I agree with you.

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03-09-2021 13:19
Yes, it's true. But you must admit, you still need to know how trading works. How the economy works, why it is worth investing money in it, and so on. Without experience and knowledge, a beginner who has started investing money in ******currency or stocks will never earn enough money. Therefore, it is best to find more experienced people in this matter and can help you. For example, I had a friend who was engaged in trading. He immediately told me about what books you need to read, how to invest money correctly, which ones are better to use free investing apps [youngandtheinvested.com] and more helpful information. So you're only partly right.
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