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02-09-2021 12:02
In the emergency departments of hospitals, there is always an experienced nurse who can assess the patient's condition, determine priorities and determine what treatment he is likely to need and who he should contact. Everything is as it should be.
Our local medical center now has notifications that say that in the future, if you want to make an appointment with a doctor, you should inform the administrator about your problem, and they will determine which doctor you should go to. You'll also get a pre-recorded message explaining all of this if you call an appointment before you can talk to anyone. I believe this was done because patients preferred to see someone they considered their "own doctor", whom they had seen for many years, rather than one of the young "newcomers" who had recently joined the practice, even if this means waiting for three or more weeks. "I understand that the administrators have completed a training course." Well, a few weeks ago, the operation was closed for one day "for training".
The patients did not take it very well, as I understood from one of the employees that the administrators were told so many times "mind your own business, just make an appointment with me" that they no longer bother to ask questions.
First of all, it was a stupid idea.

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02-09-2021 13:02
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