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30-08-2021 13:29
Hello everyone, my wife and I want to go to the mini-hotel "Marmalade"for our honeymoon. I would like to know if anyone was in it and what are your impressions?

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31-08-2021 11:39
Where you can go and spend your honeymoon. Your opinion or advice?

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01-09-2021 10:25
If you suddenly plan to spend your honeymoon, choose a place to rest, especially if we are talking about a trip to another country, consider the weather conditions. Because if you come to rest in the rainy season, you can not fully relax, and ruin everything. Adjust not only to your desires and abilities but also to the weather conditions. Yes, mini-hotel Marmalade has excellent rooms that you do not want to leave, but you probably want something else, and the rains will prevent you. If you're going to organize your honeymoon on your own, there is a way out - choose the best sandals resort for honeymoon [vacaytrends.com] carefully. If I were you, I would rent it to tourists, and it is very profitable.
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