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28-08-2021 20:54
My DD and SIL have neighbors who insist on smoking marijuana in their garden in the summer, but it goes up to my DD bedroom since the windows are open.
I said that they should call the police, but they don't want to make too much noise, as this could worsen the situation. I want to knock on the door myself and tell them to stop, but obviously it's none of my business. Do any of my GN friends have any ideas about what to say to them to cause the least hostility from their neighbors?

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28-08-2021 21:54
Why don't you step in if you don't like it?

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28-08-2021 21:58
To begin with, it is necessary to understand why the neighbors smoke. I don't blame people for using medical marijuana. I use THC Extract Capsules for medical purposes [online-weed.net] for many reasons. But I don't do it just to get high. Insomnia and headaches are what bothers me and conventional medications can't cope with it. If they insist on smoking marijuana, then you should definitely talk to both sides and explain to them that this is absolutely not normal. If nothing changes after an adequate conversation, then calling the police is what I would do in your place. I would not tolerate this under any circumstances.
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