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Registered: 26-02-2008
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26-02-2008 05:26
Hi mates,
I bought N72 just before a week. It has only 128 MB memory card so I want to buy a 2GB memory card for my phone. My question is, does N72 offer support for 2 GB external memory card?

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27-02-2008 04:22
Hi Vikram,
I have N72 and I am using 1GB memory card for it. I am also eager to know about N72’s external memory card slot capacity.

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04-03-2008 06:02
Hi all,
I have been using this N72 over a year now. I have inserted 2GB card and it is working fine at least for my phone. Still before buying a new 2GB memory card, ask salesman to take a trial with your phone. Because, memory cards are manufactured by several companies and some of them don’t offer 100% support to your phone.

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05-03-2008 04:26
I am agreed with Abhi. I have experienced this fact. I bought low-priced 2 GB memory card and it didn’t work for my phone. (Not N72, I have a different phone.) So I asked salesman about this problem. He told me that he can’t give me a replacement and I have to buy a new branded memory card. I wasted my money so please take a trial before buying new 2 GB card.
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