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Registered: 11-12-2007
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01-02-2008 09:30
Hi everybody! i wanted to know info abt the security code of SE K320..how should i use the security code so that my phone is secure and nobody else will be able to use it..?

Registered: 27-12-2007
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01-02-2008 09:32
Hi hi There's one way of securing ur K320..you would have to type ur security code before every contact number when you call, or then change ur lock combination..

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01-02-2008 09:46
What's the difference between K310 and K320?

Registered: 19-12-2007
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01-02-2008 09:48
There are mainly two differences between K310 and K320

    # Bluetooth is included in K320.
    # the depth of K320 is 1 mm more.

That's all..

Registered: 24-03-2008
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24-03-2008 11:51
<p>what is the memory of k320i.</p>
<p>how many sms can be stored in it.</p>
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