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26-03-2008 06:44
help Can anybody explain the differences between hard, soft and master resets?

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27-03-2008 04:42
I have Blackberry phone. So my explanation will differ little for the devices manufactured by other companies.
First of all, Soft reset stops all application and then allows you to re-establish communication between your phone and computer.
When you perform double soft reset, it is called as Hard reset.

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16-04-2008 06:59
As per my knowledge, Soft-reset helps you to get all the settings of your phone to the factory default setting and also you don’t lose any previous application.

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16-04-2008 07:01
Some info about Hard-reset. This process will format memory of your phone. i.e. Hard reset will delete each and everything that has been installed after using phone for the first time.

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22-04-2008 06:59
Hey all,
perform Soft-reset for Blackberry devices by following way:
Alt +Right Shift (Cap) + Delete.
And I think, Blackberry phones don’t have Master reset feature.
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