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23-04-2008 10:48
You are right! The Master reset application is applicable only for selected manufacturer phones. It deletes all user-installed applications and data on your phone, so be careful while performing Master reset.

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16-05-2008 11:36
Always check battery before performing any type of reset. Someway if the application stopped in middle of reset because of the battery, your phone may become unusable. So before performing ant reset, either charge battery fully or phone has to be connected to the charger.

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04-06-2008 09:44
Be careful while formatting anything from your phone. Once I did something wrong while performing master reset on my phone, screen became blank and after some time I came to know that I am unable to restart my phone.sad When I showed my phone to service provider, he told me that my phone has become unusable because of my mistake. So guys, if you don’t have knowledge about any reset, don’t take a risk! shuffle
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