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18-08-2021 18:33
So, 3 weeks ago, my landscape designer installed my 20-foot flagpole and finally received a bill for this amount. $ 2000.00 just for putting a pole, one lantern and several plants at the base of the pole. They claim that it took 25 hours to install the damn flagpole at $ 65.00 per hour. Does anyone here have anyone who has installed a flagpole at this price? I expected to pay maybe a thousand, at most. But $ 2000 is too much, and I'm angry.

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23-08-2021 22:08
Haha, it's okay!

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23-08-2021 22:22
Thank you very much for the link that you threw off; I am very grateful. It helped me find the flagpole that was necessary for my yacht. In general, I am surprised how much it can find valuable information on the Internet! First, thanks to the post, I found a store where you can buy the US flag, then they helped me find lighting for this flag on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Flagpole-Energy-Battery-Illumunation-Vont/dp/B00YBDA7DC/ [amazon.com]. Now I came across this post and found a flagpole! Thank you very much guys, you are very helpful to me. I have now retired, finally, and I will enjoy this life! Good luck to you, see you, people!
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