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13-08-2021 13:24
I want to learn how to take great photos on my iphone! Can someone help me!

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17-08-2021 10:05
Buy a camera, you can't take good photos on an iPhone

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17-08-2021 10:09
Yes, I can give you a couple of tips (and no, it doesn't matter what you take pictures with, but how you do it) I have been doing photography for about 10 years. At the very beginning, I was taking pictures on my phone, and it was terrible, lol. And now I try to update my camera every year, . My friend is a beginner, he is the same as you, taking pictures on an iPhone. And she says that the real salvation for her was an application for finding duplicate photos https://backlightblog.com/backlight-photography [backlightblog.com] .It is difficult that phones do not always have as much memory as we would like, the storage is always full, and there are a million identical photos in the phone gallery, because of this ,difficulties arise. I also advise you to use only the best quality photoshop.
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