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12-08-2021 18:29
After watching the video on YouTube, I would like to play minecraft on different servers. Does anyone know any cool servers?

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12-08-2021 21:08
I can help you

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12-08-2021 21:13
Now it is pretty simple to find a suitable server for Minecraft. Recently, I decided with my friends to find a hardcore RPG server. And among Minecraft RPG Servers [minecraft.buzz], I chose several options, and I think I will play precisely in the RPG server for Minecraft soon. I have liked the RPG setting since childhood; I adore shields, swords, magic, and so on. I even played different MMO RPGs like World of Warcraft or Lineage. I always liked it, so I think I will get considerable satisfaction playing such a mod, especially in Minecraft! So just try Googling, and you'll find everything.
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