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Sewing Tips: How To Sew Doll Clothes

Choosing gifts for babies is quite a hard thing as a parent or an aunt since it might take time thinking and maybe shopping. In fact, gifts are just not about the important events of the baby but you can always present them to your loved ones. As a sewer, no matter what you’re at a beginner or intermediate level, the best gift you can sew when it comes to the children is doll clothes. Now I will show you some sewing tips to sew doll clothes.
Old Fabric:
Before we get started, I highly recommend you to check out this link
CraftsSelection.com [craftsselection.tumblr.com] to get the best sewing machine for beginners.

Old fabric

Actually, you don’t have to go to the fabric store for shopping because you can find some suitable material right at home. If you are a starter sewer or an intermediate, you are likely to have some abundant fabric in your home which can be used. Now you can use it for doll making. What you should do is to take out any old shirt from your wardrobe, which you can use as a clothing line.
Basic Tee:
The basic tee is something you can prepare even when you are a beginner since there is nothing better than the practice to make yourself perfect. In case you have kids and you want to present them with something surprising then you ought to sew a simple tee for the doll. First of all, take measurements and then start sewing the shirt for the doll which should be funky and cute.
As you can see the circle skirts are quite easy to sew and girls obviously like to wear them in their casual routine. So, you can sew the same skirt for the doll, and maybe later you can attempt the same for the kids. For the circle skirt, you first need to adjust the pattern and make sure you have the right measurements of the doll. My tip is to use an elastic belt for the fitting of the skirt. Also, it will be easier for you to work with the best sewing machine for beginners [gust.com]
like basic sewing machines from Brother, Singer or Janome.

Mini skirt

Sticky Patch:
In my opinion, the sticky patch is one of the things which can make things easier for you, especially when you want to change it from time to time. In this case, all you have to do is to attach the sticky patch at the end of the garment to close it from the back as you can see in the normal clothing of the dolls available in the market. Moreover, you can add some hook at the end of the dress to make it real.
This is just not only a challenging project for you to make doll clothes but it will also be a fun task to complete. During this task, I recommend not to use a complicated machine as those machines can make your work quite harder. In addition, if you don’t know which sewing machine to buy, check this article Best Cheap Sewing Machines For Beginners Sewing At Home [forum.cs-cart.com]
right away.

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It's OK to Start from the Basics
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