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06-08-2021 08:08
To personalize your phone, setting a special ringtone is one of the
easiest way. Several years ago, there were few songs to be used as
ringtones. Over the years, with the continuous development of streaming
music, millions of songs can be downloaded as ringtones. But followed by
the rapid development of streaming music, various subscription plans
are launched by music apps. You need to pay for music listening and
downloading. What's more, you can only listen to the downloaded music
via the corresponding music app before the subscription is expired.
Thus, people can only be able to use the default ringtone on their
phones instead of tunes from music streaming services.
If you want to get rid of the default ringtone whenever someone calls
you, you can set your favorite music from those streaming music
providers like Amazon Music as a ringtone. After reading this post, you will know how to use Amazon Music as ringtone on your Android phone or iPhone.

Check the overall article:  Customize Amazon Music as Ringtones on Android Phone/iPhone [bit.ly]
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