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There are many types of machining in CNC machining center. Before machining, we must know more about these types of machining. What is hole machining? What is boring? The workpiece is processed according to different processing types. In addition, the CNC machining center shall conduct self inspection after machining to ensure the smoothness and accuracy of the workpiece surface.

Machining type of CNC Machining Center
Hole processing: Before drilling on the CNC machining center, the center drill must be used for positioning, and then the drill bit 0.5 ~ 2mm smaller than the size of the drawing shall be used for drilling, and finally the appropriate drill bit shall be used for finishing.

Reaming processing: When the CNC machining center reams the workpiece, it is also necessary to use the center drill for positioning first, then drill with a drill bit 0.5 ~ 0.3mm smaller than the drawing size, and finally ream with a reamer. During reaming processing, pay attention to control the spindle speed within 70 ~ 180rpm / min.

Boring processing: For boring the workpiece in the CNC machining center, the center drill shall be used for positioning first, then the drill bit 1 ~ 2mm smaller than the size of the drawing shall be used for drilling, and then the rough boring cutter (or milling cutter) shall be used to process only about 0.3mm machining allowance on one side. Finally, the fine boring cutter with pre adjusted size shall be used for fine boring, and the last fine boring allowance shall not be less than 0.1mm.

Direct numerical control (DNC) operation: In a CNC machining center, incorrect operation will result in a cutter collision [bitzean.com]. The CNC machining center shall first clamp the workpiece, set the zero position and set the parameters before DNC CNC machining. Open the machining program to be transmitted in the computer and check it, then let the computer enter the DNC state and input the file name of the correct machining program. Press the tape key and program start key on the CNC machining machine tool. At this time, the word LSK flashes in the machine tool controller. Press enter on the computer to carry out DNC data transmission processing.

Content and scope of self inspection of CNC Machining Center
- Before machining, the operator of the CNC machining center shall clearly see the contents of the process card, understand in detail the parts, shapes and dimensions of the workpiece to be machined, and know the machining contents of the next process.
- Before clamping the workpiece in the CNC machining center, first measure whether the blank size meets the drawing requirements. When clamping the workpiece, carefully check whether the placement is consistent with the programming operation instruction.
- The CNC machining center shall conduct self inspection in time after rough machining, so as to facilitate itself to understand the error in time, and adjust the data in time to avoid greater error. The self inspection of NC machining center is mainly to check the position and size of CNC machining parts, such as whether the workpiece is loose; Whether the workpiece is correctly divided; Whether the dimension from the processing part to the datum edge (datum point) meets the drawing requirements; Position and size of CNC machining parts [cnclathing.com].
- After checking the position and size, measure the rough machined shape ruler (except circular arc).
- Finish machining is carried out only after rough machining and self inspection. After finishing, workers shall conduct self inspection on the shape and size of the processing parts: detect the basic length and width of the processing parts on the vertical surface; Measure the base point dimension marked on the drawing for the machining part of the inclined plane.
- After the worker completes the self inspection of the workpiece and confirms that it meets the drawing and process requirements, the workpiece can be removed and sent to the inspector for special inspection.
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