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FIFA 22 is the latest chapter in EA's sports series. Although no release date or official price has yet been set, the football simulator is expected to be downloaded from Playstation 5 (ps5), PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox series X / s, Xbox one and PC by the end of 2021. According to reports, EA play live, an online event on July 22, may bring news about the game. See below all the information about FIFA 21 that has been disclosed, as well as some rumors and news expected in the game. 

When will there be inspiration?
EA play live has been confirmed to be held on July 22 and the preview will start at 14:00 GMT. EA missed E3 2021, the world's largest game show, and chose to hold its own activities alone. FIFA 22 is expected to be unveiled during the demo, just like FIFA 21 the year before. Games like battlefield 2042 also have to appear in digital activities.

Which platforms will FIFA 22 be launched on?
There is no confirmed game platform yet. It is likely that the game will be "cross generational", just like FIFA 21, released for PS4, Xbox one and PC, with improved versions for ps5 and Xbox series X / s. Due to the large installed base of the game console, EA has not changed the PS4 and Xbox one versions into "traditional" versions, such as Nintendo switch. In these versions, there are no more game playing changes, only the team updates every year.

What is the release date?
So far, there is no official release date, but the FIFA series has been released regularly in a window for several months. Based on the history of the latest version, it can be estimated that the game will be released between the second half of September and the first half of October 2021 (possibly between September 23 and October 8).

Online career model?
According to some accounts, one rumor circulating in the FIFA community is that the career model can get functions online. This information comes from the vacancy of EA online software engineer, who takes the "online career model" as part of the Contractor's responsibilities.
It even raises the possibility that this increase is similar to FIFA 21 has a series of classic modes [iroot.world]. Whose Codemasters studio was acquired by EA. In the new racing game, users can run cooperatively in the same team or the opposite teams of the whole season in the career mode.

What are your expectations for ps5 and Xbox series X / S
Whether the ps5 and Xbox series X / s versions will be released with the PS4, Xbox one and PC versions, or whether they will be released later, as FIFA 21 did, is still in doubt. In the last game, the next generation version brought unique physical effects to hair, distortion of players' muscles, compression of the ball according to the power of kicking, more realistic ray tracing lighting and faster loading thanks to SSD storage. Many of these new features should be regressed and improved in FIFA 22.

Possible icons
A member of the FIFA community nicknamed king langpard commented on the nine icons added to the FIFA online version that cost a lot of FIFA 22 Coins [utplay.com], which may be part of the FIFA 22 icon. They are: Gabriel battistuta, Robin van Persie, Lucio, park Chi sung, Jaap Stam, Cha bum Kun, Diego Forlan, Wesley sneidjer and Iker Casillas.

Preemptive experience
Compared with other players, users who subscribe to EA play service of EA or pre order a special version of the game can usually visit it a few days in advance. For pre order players, advance access is usually three to five days before the release. EA play subscribers can sometimes visit EA play early trial one week before its release, but with a 10 hour game limit.

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Yeah, but we have no choice :( Also, I'm pretty sure that FIFA 22 will be released on old-generation consoles. They won't miss the opportunity to make more money, right like Rock Star with their GTA V. I didn't play FIFA 22 demo yet, but I already bought a key https://www.cdkeysforgames.com/consoles/fifa-22-ps4/ [cdkeysforgames.com]. I'm sure this year FIFA will show us better graphics and gameplay due to the release of new consoles. Now they could use the full power of that consoles, so we can expect a cinema-like experience. At least, I hope so. Judging by their latest titles, EA copes well with the visual part.
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