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12-07-2021 14:53
So, one thing that I feel I really missed out on, was ever playing a
session of Dungeons and Dragons. But I've been very interested in it
recently, and I've been researching it and watching some sessions on
YouTube and it seems like something I would enjoy. 
Whats cool about D&D, is people can adapt its story and mechanics
to create their own, unique session. Which had me thinking, would World
of Tanks based mechanics work well if implemented into a D&D style
You have your basic classes of character, with each class having
different styles of play. You already have numerical health values and
damage points each vehicle/character could do, it's already heavily
Random Number Generator based 

I thought it it was something really fun to think about, and I'm open
to any ideas and criticism, I'd like to see if it could work

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12-07-2021 22:35
Great idea!

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12-07-2021 22:44
Yes, it is the adaptation that is the main fitch of D&D. I also created my own D&D game and even read a detailed guide about each song https://dndguide.net/ [dndguide.net]. Yes! You have a great idea about implementing World of Tanks In B&B, but I'm interested in how you will do it... Basically, all D&D games are RPGs and so on, and you decided to introduce tanks here... This is certainly unusual, but I'm not sure if it will work. But I only wish you good luck and I hope all your plans are realized and you will get the game that you conceived at the very beginning. I can only be happy for you, everything will work out for you!
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