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12-07-2021 08:01
Only my 2 cents, but a corset is probably not a good solution. Earlier this year, I fell hard, and an X-ray showed a broken rib, several cracked ribs and bruised ribs. I was told not to move much, and for 4 weeks I will be in a lot of pain. I asked about a tight Ace bandage or a rib brace to make sure the broken one didn't move. I was told to use the brace as rarely as possible, because I needed to expand my lungs or risk developing pneumonia. It seems that the compressed torso (aka a bandage or a corset) increases the likelihood of pneumonia.
I'm thinking about some kind of massage.
I think it has a good effect on my back. Do you know any good massage?

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13-07-2021 02:28
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