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Once I observed a friend in a forum talk about the love of some people to gather antique fragrances. However, she was stunned by the ancient scent that did not follow the trend and seek the thick and fat. The old perfume is old and old-fashioned in her eyes. It's long expired and it wasn't the right quality of popular premium products.
Her concept, I am not surprised. Jean Paul Du's ancient Jean Patou Joy version 1930| Commentary of perfume or high definition of Voss Worth Je Reviens has limited information on it, not to mention its uniqueness and amazing disposition. Surprisingly, there are still a lot of people still don't know the things about perfume. Here's the article focus on the misunderstanding about perfume.
1. Perfume is going to expire.Wrong! First of all, perfume won't just deteriorate due to the time problem. The light and high heat frequently ruin them. Put a bottle on the side of the window of your new perfume and let it shine. Take another flask and hold it in the drawer. The change in color and fragrance might be observed within a week.
However, due to the relation between the formula, a small number of perfumes will indeed create variations in flavor because of the duration. Whether perfume is pricey doesn't matter. Popular fragrance Annick Goutal Petite Cherie has repeatedly been criticized for several months by consumers. Due to the distinct chemical qualities of each spice, the front, followed by the most stable, is the most shifting section of a scent. This is also why the vintage perfume is kept intact.
What is the reason why after a long period some perfume changes color? This has to do with perfume used in perfume. The color usually darkens, but the flavor of the scent is not affected. Red currant (Garnet berry), vanilla, hydrangea (Hydrangea) and other spices are likely to decolorate. I have in my hand Thierry Muller Thierry Mugler Womanity's bottle, and in 1 year of hands of natural vanilla in 2010| the perfume commentary was converted pink to yellow, but the taste did not alter.
What is the guarantee duration for perfume packaging boxes [luxury-paper-box.com]? The quality supervision, inspection and quarantine Chinese General Administration mandates that cosmetics box packaging [luxury-paper-box.com] should be marked with the shelf life and number of bills of cosmetics, usually three years. The shelf life of North American products and portions of Europe is estimated on the basis of the open date standard (see the small round can mark of the product bottle body for details). Moreover, certain European products have the shelf life after opening as well as the shelf life without opening (usually 3 years).
2. Women can use female incense exclusively, guys can use male incense onlyWrong! When a perfume was produced by a teacher of the perfume, it was not designated as a "female aroma" or a "masculine aroma." This is the marketing strategy established by the marketing department according to the teacher's report and the marketing strategy. Women can also practice virtually any male fragrance (save for masculine fragrance), for example Burberry London men (New London) Burberry London for Men, 2006| scent evaluations in women's groups are common. On the contrary, some female incense men, such as DolceGabbana DG Light Blue, 2001| Comment, are also highly acceptable for use.
3. The version of the perfume must be stronger than the EDT version.The maximum concentration is the pure taste concentration of scent. But from the point of view of the fragrance of humans, it's not the same. There is less alcohol in the fragrance version of the concentrated flavor than in the Eau De Toilette EDT version, the skin odor is milder and the diffuser zone less because of the slow evaporation speed. And most individuals use the EDT version more frequently than the perfume version.
4.The same perfume concentration (EDP, EDT) version is only different.Some cases are correct, however this is frequently not the case. Brand producers generally adjust their perfume recipe to make distinct editions because of the diverse scent spices. They cannot therefore technically speaking be considered the same perfume. Guerlain a (Pearl of the Palm) Guerlain Jicky, 1889| comment on perfume and Chanel 5 chanel N of degree 5, 1921| the fragrance of perfume EDT and of EDP is very different.
5. Coffee beans that smell help restore the sense of smell.It's all wrong. It's all wrong. While coffee beans are equipped with the main counters, the fragrance of coffee beans just makes your fatigue smell catastrophe after disaster. Since coffee beans have very powerful and complex odors in themselves, inhaling these fragrances would chaoticise the molecules of residual odors in the nasal cavity and paralyze olfactory. The only method to recover the smell is by taking a deep breath in clean air, cleaning the nasal canal, and allowing olfactory nerves to rest.
6. The friction between hands and hands destroys the components of perfume.Wrong. This is a content that aids the buyer in the purchase of perfume. But if such basic physical friction may damage the odor level, it's too much for Arab nights. This "small action" does not modify the molecular structure of the perfume unless it causes extreme friction, warms the skin and makes the front and center components of the perfume disappear and changes the characteristics of the original odor.
7. The first, the middle and the second are the constituents of the scent.Wrong. An intermediate and rear dial watch of a perfume, usually produced by the perfume manufacturer's public relations department, seeks to give an overall concept of what the scent comprises. In public relations it is frequently written according to the fragrance, or the profession, how to explain three tonal components can attract consumers. Therefore, most of the perfume is not very precise before and after. They look better. They look better.
Most perfume scents are mimicked and many aldehyde-containing perfumes normally do not label aldehydes because they are abstract. There are several different types of aldehydes often used to replicate various smells. For instance, when you smell peaches, it's aldehydes, not real natural peaches.
8. Musk can lead to infertility in fragrances.The earliest musk deer is a very valuable raw resource. Musk deer can be sold in the illegal market for US$45000 per kilogram, even more costly than gold. An mature musk deer can extract only 10g of pure musk. In order to extract one kilogram of pure musk deer, around 160 musk deer need to be killed. Musk deer has been classified by the United Nations Nature Protection Association as Endangered Species (IUCN). The International Association of Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) has also prohibited natural musk being added to perfumes.
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