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10-06-2021 15:40
Greetings to all sloths! Are you studying and you have to write a term paper, and then a diploma? And in this you do not understand anything at all? Or just don't have time? You need to get out of the situation, look for someone who will do it for you, of course, for money. And for such idlers and lazy people like us, they create similar sites to help students.
At first I tried to do something myself, but alas, even a plan to draw up did not work, WELL I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS NECESSARY THERE, I KNOW HER! Meanwhile, a classmate had already successfully ordered a job on the "concept map writing service [writer-elite.com]" website and boasted that, she will have everything in a couple of days, unlike me, where there was not even a title page.
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