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With the performance of ultrasonic water meter gradually known, more and more tap water began to use this kind of water meter. The application of ultrasonic water meter can not only create considerable economic benefits for water supply enterprises, but also make the measurement management of water supply enterprises more scientific and modern.

Application of ultrasonic water meter:
1. Agricultural irrigation: there are no mechanical transmission parts, no flow blocking elements, ultrasonic water meter [drurylandetheatre.com] measurement is almost not affected by water quality, can adapt to the conditions of poor agricultural irrigation water quality, is a very suitable product for agricultural irrigation water measurement;
2. Smart city: no pressure loss, reduce the energy consumption of pump, achieve the goal of energy saving; Communication interface is complete; It is convenient for networking and remote monitoring, and embodies intelligence; Battery powered, no mechanical transmission parts, long service life;
3. Urban water supply: the initial flow of ultrasonic water meter is low, which avoids small flow without measurement and increases water fee income; High measurement accuracy ensures the accurate measurement of water charge; Wide range, suitable for various users with different water consumption;
4. Township water supply: adapt to various domestic water quality conditions; The communication network is convenient, the output signal is many, the automatic settlement and computer management are convenient, the centralized management of water resources is realized, the management efficiency is improved, the remote monitoring is carried out, and the management cost is reduced.

Advantages and disadvantages of ultrasonic water meter and ordinary water meter:
1. Stronger anti blocking performance: the ultrasonic water meter adopts straight pipe section, which is basically the same as the water pipe, without internal blockage.
2. Stronger wear resistance: there are no moving parts in the measuring part of the ultrasonic water meter, so there will be no wear.
3. Measurement accuracy comparison: ultrasonic water meter can ensure the accuracy of accurate measurement in the whole life cycle, which will not change with time.
4. Applicable water quality comparison: the ultrasonic water meter is completely free from the interference of impurities, chemical substances and magnetic substances, which can be said to fully adapt to the current water quality of China.
5. High precision: water meter measurement error can reach ± Less than 1%, more than 1 times higher than the traditional mechanical water meter.
6. No wear: there is no mechanical wear phenomenon of traditional water meter, and the measurement accuracy will not decline after long-term operation.
7. Low starting: high sensitivity, small water flow can be identified, which can effectively improve the income of water supply department.
8. Small pressure loss: the straight through metering pipe structure has little obstruction to water flow, which can reduce the cost for water supply management department.
9. Strong protection: the product structure and principle ensure that the water meter can work under high pressure, low temperature and immersion for a long time without damage.

Since there are so many advantages of ultrasonic water meter, do we need to maintain it?
No matter how good the water meter is, it also needs human maintenance. As for the maintenance of ultrasonic water meter, there are two main points that we need to pay attention to:

1. Timely verification and calibration: timely verification and calibration of ultrasonic water meter is very important, so we must adhere to one installation and one calibration, and calibrate before installation to ensure accurate measurement of ultrasonic water meter.
2. Regular maintenance: regular maintenance is the basis to ensure the long-term operation of ultrasonic water meter. Although it is said that under normal circumstances, the ultrasonic water meter will not easily report wrong faults, it is necessary to regularly check the water meter and pipes to avoid abnormal situations at critical times. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider the impact of site temperature and humidity on its electronic components.
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