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Aluminum foil is a kind of hot stamping material which is directly calendered by aluminum. Hot stamping effect is similar to pure silver foil, so it is also called false silver foil. The cost per unit evaporation surface area of aluminum exhaust is higher than that of steel exhaust, but its performance is obviously better than that of steel exhaust in energy consumption and long-term energy saving of 30%. The market prospect of aluminium foil [chaluminium.com] exhaust is promising because of its applications, productions, and advantages. 

Application of aluminum foil
Waste aluminum foil can be used to produce polyaluminum chloride. Polyaluminum chloride is an inorganic polymer flocculant. Because polyaluminum chloride contains different amounts of hydroxyl groups, when polyaluminum chloride is added into the turbid spring water, it will be further hydrolyzed below the pH value of the spring water, accompanied by a series of physical and chemical processes such as coagulation, adsorption and precipitation, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying water quality. This application of aluminum foil is in line with the rapid development of industry and the rapid growth of urban population. As more and more wastewater needs to be treated, the demand for polyaluminum chloride water purifier made of aluminum foil is also increasing.

Knowledge of aluminum foil production
The thickness and width of aluminum foil produced by strip process can reach 0.0025 mm and 1800 mm. The aluminum foil roll is a seam, and the drum is always in the elastic flattening state. The film thickness is controlled by adjusting the rolling force, rolling speed and tension. In rough rolling, rolling force is used to control film thickness. In the finishing process, the film thickness decreases with the increase of rolling speed. The greater the stress, the thinner the thickness; To prevent rupture, the tensile strength under film condition is usually selected as 0.2 to 0.4 of the yield strength. When rolling at low speed, "thick oil" or "thin oil" is often added to the lubricating oil to adjust the rolling thickness of aluminum foil. The condition of lubricant and roller has great influence on the quality of film. Aluminum foil blank comes from cold rolled aluminum coil, usually pre annealed at 340 ~ 480 ℃, with thickness of 0.4 ~ 0.7mm. The deformation rate of runway is about 50%, and the total deformation rate is over 95%. The finished film with thickness less than 0.01-0.02MM should be creased and creased.

Advantages of aluminum foil
Aluminum foil can be divided into industrial aluminum foil and packaging aluminum foil. The chemical composition of industrial aluminum foil is relatively pure, with a thickness of 0.005-0.2mm. It is mainly used as capacitor, insulating material and moisture-proof material for electronic and electrical industry. The thickness of packaging aluminum foil is generally 0.007 ~ 0.1mm, including plain foil, printing foil, color printing foil and coated aluminum foil. It is mainly used as food, tea, tobacco and other packaging materials.

1. Aluminum heat conduction, reasonable configuration, heat transfer capacity increased by 20%, the temperature difference between the tube refrigerant evaporation temperature and storage tank, evaporation temperature increased, compressor energy efficiency ratio improved, energy consumption decreased, energy saving effect is significant.
2. The structure design is reasonable. The inner area of the same length aluminum pipe is 1.5 times of the length of the steel pipe, the outer surface is 2.5 times of the length of the steel pipe, the inner volume is 1 / 4 of the steel pipe, the refrigerant is less, 2 / 3 less than the steel pipe, and the system operation cost is saved. For the cold storage of the same size, aluminum tube only needs to be equipped with top row to meet the requirements, while steel tube also needs to be equipped with wall row. In terms of convective heat transfer, the top layer is more reasonable and the convective heat transfer efficiency is higher.
3. Light weight
The weight of aluminum mattress per unit evaporation area is one sixth of that of steel mattress. Easy to install, support to reduce costs.
4. The production of aluminum series is completed in the workshop with guaranteed quality and performance. The production of steel for rowing on site is complicated and the quality is difficult to guarantee.
5. The inner part of aluminum row is smooth and easy to clean, prolonging the service life of compressor, and the steel row is easy to corrode, causing system overload.
6. The fluorine adding system is equipped with aluminum row and electric thawing device to solve the problem of steel thawing.
7. Aluminum series finned tube, finned and tube extrusion molding, high pressure, good strength.
8. Excellent cost performance. The heat transfer coefficient of green exhaust is below - 40 ~ 0 ℃ and the evaporation temperature is 9 ~ 14W / K ° C. Steel pipe, heat transfer coefficient lower than - 40 ~ 0 ℃, evaporation temperature material 8 ~ 13W / K ° C. Under the condition of the same cold storage load, the evaporation area of the same green row configuration is small surplus steel row pipe. Due to the high cost of aluminum and advanced die casting technology, the unit area price of aluminum tube is higher than that of steel tube, but the performance of aluminum tube is much higher than that of steel tube. And the comprehensive cost performance of aluminum series is better than that of steel series, so choosing aluminum series is an ideal scheme.
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