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29-04-2021 09:20
"My iPhone stuck on connect to iTunes screen and won't restore, I've tried several times and it didn't work. The iTunes installed on my computer is currently the latest version but it still can do nothing. Any suggestions to fix the problem?" --- Stephen
You aren’t alone. As a common problem among iPhone users, iPhone stuck on connect to iTunes screen has been talked about in the daily Apple community. When this issue happens, then you don't have any access to your iPhone and it is completely for use. In this article, we are going to explain the reason why you can see the connect to iTunes screen error on your iPhone screen, and discuss how to fix iPhone stuck on connect to iTunes screen issue [bit.ly]. Now keep reading to know more!

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28-07-2021 08:13
Thanks for your sharing. To fix the iPhone stuck on connect to iTunes, try these 3 ways: force restart your iPhone, use iTunes to restore iPhone and utilize TunesKit iOS System Recovery [tuneskit.com] to solve the problem without data loss.
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