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Registered: 26-12-2007
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04-02-2008 04:15
hi there,
please can you tell me how do I unlock my phone CX65?

Registered: 19-01-2008
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05-02-2008 04:25
Just add the unlock code to your phone. if still confused, try the site and ask them for unlocking..
site - http://www.unlockitnow.com/Siemens/CX65.php [unlockitnow.com]

Registered: 02-07-2009
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16-07-2009 12:22
this is just an information for all mobile users which,  a company i found last week where unlock guide [mobileunlockguide.com] available..in future anybody really need assistance then reach the company.

Registered: 08-12-2010
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08-12-2010 10:56
Thanks for the unlock guide jo.......
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