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Photo Socks [myphotosocks.com] has been around for many years and is enjoying resurgence in popularity. These socks are unique, fashionable, built to last, and made for an occasion! Create them as a unique gift or for a special event - whatever you create them for, they are sure to delight! There are so many possibilities when it comes to making these wonderful socks; you can use just about any kind of picture, piece of artwork, or photo that you like. It can be any kind of picture, too - a snapshot of the grand kids at their first ball game, a group portrait of a favorite band member, or even your very own self!
You don't have to limit yourself to photographs either; you can use any picture you want. If you are going to use photos of your children, you can use their smiling faces, cute little smiles, or cute little poses. Or you could use a photo of the family pet or a shot of you and your spouse on the beach. You can create photo socks by using old photos that you never thought to print out again, or from digital cameras that you just don't think to discard. You can use any kind of photograph that you want.
Creating photo socks is so easy to do that you may want to do them yourself to save money. In fact, creating your own photo sock is easier than you think. All you need is a good photograph that is free of red flash, lens flares, smoke, or other glaring errors. You will also need a computer and a photo-editing program that can delete those distracting background marks and crop your photo to make the photo symmetrical.
You can either make your own photo sock with several photos of your choice that you take yourself, or you can download several high quality photos from a popular stock photo website. You can then use an editing program to resize each photo to fit to a larger size, add a frame to the top of the photo, add a text label at the bottom of the photo, create a background, crop, highlight, or even add a sparkle. To make your sock, all you need to do is open each photo in the photo sock maker, make your selection, click "Fit To Screen" and go ahead and see your creation! You may also add fun text at the bottom such as "My Socks," "This Is My sock," or "These Are My Socks."
Once you have created your photo sock, you can find it online, but you can also make your own photo sock with just a few simple steps. First, you must select the photos you wish to use. If you know the names of the people in the picture, you can create a name collage, or if you aren't familiar with faces, you can use your favorite celebrity's face. Next, open each picture in the photo sock program (you can choose either Windows Mac, Linux, or both) and go to "Adjust" and" skew/centering." Finally, save your photo in a folder of your choice.
Creating photo socks is a great way to share your travels with friends and family. You can also share your photos with those who live far away by creating a collage of your pictures and uploading them to photo sites such as Flickr, Google Gallery, and others. However, some people have enjoyed creating photo socks so much that they are now selling them online. To do this, all you need to do is upload your photos to an online stock photo site, create a small description, upload your photo, wait for your photo to be listed, then once your photo is listed, sell your photo to the stock photo site. It's really easy!
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