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01-02-2021 17:39
Matt Osborne-better known as professional wrestling journeymanvideo-game star Doink the Clown in the mid-1990s-died on June 28, 2013 at the age of 57 at his home in Plano. The Collin County Medical Examiner ruled that an overdose of painkillers was to blame.
In a lawsuit filed in federal court in Dallas on Friday, his family points to another culprit: professional wrestling. Specifically, Vince McMahon of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., is the sole defendant named in the lawsuit filed by Michelle James on behalf of the Clown's children Doink, Matthew and Tig Osborne.
The lawsuit, echoing those filed in recent years by professional soccer players suffering from traumatic brain injuries caused by years of concussions, alleges that the struggle led to “traumatic brain injuries” that led to “depression and drug abuse that ultimately led to his untimely death."The lawsuit states that Osbourne was not the only wrestler to fall victim to scripted wrestling violence, where fake beatings resulted in real injuries. It lists more than a dozen others, among them members of the Von Erich family.
doink1Doink The Clown (or Matt Osborne)
“When WWE was forced to recognize the risks it exposes its wrestlers to — scripted, on a daily basis — WWE took inadequate steps to correct the problem or eliminate its harmful behavior, the full consequences of which are still being discovered,” the lawsuit states. "Indeed, WWE continues a course of conduct designed to mislead its wrestlers, and intended to mislead Matthew Osborne prior to his death about injuries they sustained while wrestling for WWE, without disclosing relevant facts or offering misleading truths.”

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I see this document for the first time

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Clown Doink's family has filed a lawsuit against WWE, claiming a head injury led to an overdose of painkillers in Plano. I don't even know what to say about this situation. The overdose occurred due to the large number of painkillers, and it was completely impossible to do this. The possible consequences were caused precisely by the fact that the dosage of the use of painkillers was not controlled. Personally, in such situations, I advise you to see a doctor. In my opinion, one device that relieves pain without damaging the brain could help in his case. Kratom is a very good instrument.

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