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As the latest iteration of Xiaomi’s Mi digit series, Mi 11 is a performance powerhouse. Equipped with the latest Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 888 Mobile Platform, which is manufactured using the most advanced 5nm process, Mi 11 offers breakthrough performance with superior power efficiency.

Photos need to be backed up regularly in case of any data loss. Recently, I suffered from data losing. I could not even unlock my phone. My phone was damaged accidentally, thus I could do nothing to get my data back. All photos saved on that could not be exported. If I did a regular backup, I will not lose anything. For some users, they may just need to export photos for printing or a better view. What do you need to export photos? Anyway, you can find answers in this article. Three ways can helps you export and import photos and other contents of Xiaomi Mi 11 on computer.


DirectoryWay 1. Selectively Export and Import Photos between Xiaomi Mi 11 and Computer [bit.ly]
Way 2. One Click Backup and Restore Xiaomi Mi 11 Photos on Computer [bit.ly]
Way 3. Move Photo Folders between Xiaomi Mi 11 and Computer [bit.ly]
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