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25-01-2021 21:50
My dogs have not been very fond of the food I feed them lately. In the end, they will eat what they are fed. But their enthusiasm seems to be waning. What does the hive recommend for dogs that seem to be getting more finicky but aren't breaking the bank? TIA

Registered: 08-12-2020
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29-01-2021 15:58
Hi, everybody. I have already faced a similar problem, my dog stopped liking her food. She ate it, but she didn't want to. We took our pet to the vet. In the end, we chose a different food. Now my dog again eats his food with great pleasure, moreover, this food was very high quality, so much more enzymes and vitamins useful for cats. As I said, our veterinarian helped me choose a new food petsmatters.net [petsmatters.net] , but he also helped me find where to buy it. We and our four-legged friend are very happy.

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29-01-2021 16:00
I have no idea what to give to my dog. From Pedigree he gets sick, and he doesn't like home made food. Any suggestions?
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