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Registered: 26-02-2008
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14-04-2008 10:08
This one's for Madmax,
Hey Madmax, you can try out the flip ones, I think they will help

Registered: 08-01-2008
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16-04-2008 06:29
Hey Madmax
Go in for Nokia 6250, my friend is using it since a long time and is having no problems with it. He is working in some factory only.

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17-04-2008 06:16
Hey I have heard some Ericsson phones are also dust resistant. Check them out

Registered: 23-02-2008
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17-04-2008 12:22
I doubt Ericsson being dust resistant.
there is some Samsung phone that has just turned up and they have announced that it is dust resistant.

Registered: 18-04-2008
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31-05-2008 08:45
if you are talking about "Sending SMS" through phones.com/sms. The site provides free SMS initially, then after that you will have to buy SMS credits. I am using this facility.. i do sent SMS globally, and it is very economical.  
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