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23-12-2020 00:02
Hey, guys, I was invited to an underground poker room in Vancouver. We have legal poker in a couple of casinos, but the city is not as poker-friendly as other canadian or even American cities (much more tournament poker South of the border in Seattle). I want to play more, our new downtown casino doesn't spread tournament poker (and thus destroys the cute little community), and betting in this underground club is much more interesting ($350 BI vs $75, not sure about the field, the structure is also much nicer - deeper stacks and longer levels). I also like the idea of maintaining a card room - all our poker is in crappy, tasteless government casinos.
But underground poker is banned in Canada, and in the unlikely event that the club is attacked, I have a small risk of going to jail, but most likely a Federal record that would deprive me of the opportunity to go to the US, which would suck!
So, what is everyone's experience with illegal gaming? Have you played them? Who distributes them? Is it just that, a risky venture, and the buyer is wary?

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23-12-2020 00:43
huh how did that go?

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23-12-2020 00:49
Okay that sounds low key amazing. I always wanted to get an invite to something like that but I haven't gotten one of these yet. I am a new to poker so I think that I still need to learn a little more about the game and different strategies that there are for some situations. I was suppose to go to Vegas for a few weeks and brush up on my poker skills but because of the pandemic I had to reschedule for the beginning of February. In the mean time I have been playing online casinos. I have switched from poker to slots though just because they are a little simpler. I have tried a few different online casino rooms but my personal favorite these days is the one called joker388 []. It's fairly new on the web and I like it a lot. They have some really nice bonuses for new players and I think that if you guys never tried slots before you will like it. Good luck

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22-06-2021 10:32
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