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Registered: 26-07-2020
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16-12-2020 03:57
The social club collapsed.
Reinstall Social Club using the installer
Launch GTA V, go to the Documents/Rockstar Games/Social Club/Profile/ delete ID folder, and then restart steam or restart Social Club.
- Run GTA V Launcher as an administrator (if not the Steam version).

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16-12-2020 14:25
I also have a lot of problems with the game crash

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16-12-2020 14:25
I had a lot of problems installing gta 5 on my computer, and therefore when I had lags when installing gta 5 mobile I was not at all surprised, but only then I realized that it was just a copy and the original gta 5 mobile hadn’t come out yet. I started reading as much information as possible about this and soon found out that the GTA 5 APK [gta5portable.com] was just not in development. So much disappointed I was not yet ... It was really very unexpected and I was very upset. I don't know if there are any high quality copies ... There are several applications on the site, but I would like to hear your opinion on this.
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