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07-12-2020 15:26
I recently started a new position where I manage the QA side of things for a nutraceutical supplier in the UK. We supply and purchase raw materials and finished products from all over the world (mainly from China) for sale to our customers. I'm a little out of my depth, so any guidance will be appreciated!

They want a sampling process to be introduced, and after reading a bunch of information, I'm still a little confused. I have read regulation 333/2007, which sets out the requirements for sampling heavy metals in food. It States that the total sample should be 1 kg/1 litre, and table 3 shows the number of incremental samples required. Is this what we should follow? The samples will be for micro-and heavy metals and will be preserved.

Currently, small samples are sent from our suppliers to the UK, and we send them for testing and keep some. However, weights are not measured. Does this mean that we should test the sample they send and save it, then try the product again when it finally arrives and save it for any future needs?

Again, any guide will be appreciated.

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07-12-2020 23:15
I think that's what you should do. I don't see any other solutions, so it's better to do what you think is necessary, and you can write here - I would be interested

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08-12-2020 21:43
I agree with the guy above. You should do it. You need to test the sample they send and retain some, then sample the product again when it finally arrives and retain it for any future needs. I worked in this field for a couple of years, then I checked often and tested a lot of sports nutrition, vitamins, food supplements and so on that are very useful for the body [nhc.com], but now everything has changed , but I sometimes follow it and understand what it is about. I remember that there are several sources selling verified and licensed unda. Almost all use the European Pharmacopoeia. I hope you have sorted out this issue and you do not have any problems.
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