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Registered: 26-12-2007
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05-07-2008 10:13
Hi friends,
I am considering one of these two phones - HTC touch diamond and iPhone.
But I am little confused! Can anybody help me out?

Registered: 11-06-2008
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04-08-2008 05:31
I have used iPhones and now a days using HTC Touch diamond.
I will prefer HTC…it is worth buying dude!

Registered: 22-12-2007
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14-08-2008 06:33
HTC touch diamond is an iphone beater……Superb phone…buy it!

Registered: 17-12-2016
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17-12-2016 04:38
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Registered: 13-08-2019
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07-12-2019 06:43
HTC Touch Diamond is way better than any Iphone model :) 
Go for it ♥♥♥
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