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21-11-2020 19:42
Finally I did it! I have BiblioCraft working for Minecraft v1.9.4 and Minecraft v1.10.2! It's been a long way to update it this time, but it finally works well and I'm happy enough with It to release it to the world. There may still be some minor issues that arise, and I plan to continue working on bug fixes when I become aware of potential issues, but this seems pretty solid from what I've done right now.
Next, I plan to work on updating to Minecraft v1. 11. x.at first glance, I need to fix a little less than 800 errors or so. Now that the College is running at full capacity, I can't make any promises as to when I will be able to do it, but I will definitely work on it as soon as I have time.
Please let me know via Github, the Minecraft forum, or the comments / forums on this site about any issues you encounter. I find it difficult to answer all the questions lately, but I try to read most of them.
Go to the download page and either grab the version of your choice from the adfly link, or go to curse forge. Enjoy!

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07-12-2020 09:35
I tried to enable this patch but it doesn't work and I don't know how to solve it. In general, I have not played minecraft for a long time and recently decided to return to the game and see if there are any updates there and I was pleasantly surprised. I used to play with friends and asked them to return to the game and they agreed. As a result, we decided to unite on one common server and in the end we felt the emotions that we experienced before. Soon we even bought hosting from ggservers.com [ggservers.com] in order to host our other secondary servers.
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