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15-11-2020 22:36
I am in my second week after surgery and have great difficulty with the inactivity required for a smooth recovery (mainly due to not being able to do cardio).
Before the operation, I spent about 30 minutes a day on high-resistance elliptical training, as well as about 20 minutes on basic training.
I have permission to walk if it doesn't raise my heart rate, but what does that even mean? I'm not sure what qualifies as too high a heart rate.
So I've been working out for 45 minutes (no 2 mph incline) on the treadmill every day for the past 3 days to try not to gain more weight, even though I feel it's inevitable. I can no longer see my abdominal definition very much, and I have more lateral puffiness than I had after surgery.
What did you ladies do for 2 or 3 weeks after recovery?
My information:
post-surgery Weight: 105
Pre-op weight: I don't want to know
Height: 5'7
Implants: 415 silicone paste

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16-11-2020 00:18
I would not dare to do this

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16-11-2020 00:29
I literally just read this doing a little cardio and stopped.
My heart rate has never exceeded 80 when walking on a treadmill, but recently it hit 120.
But I'll probably just go back for a walk, I don't want to ruin anything. Perhaps something from the tablets will help me with this problem. I asked my friends about this if it was possible to return to normal training. Many responded that it takes time and prevention. A friend advised me to use RAD 140 [paradigmpeptides.com] tablets and now I am trying to achieve a stable workout with them. Thanks to a friend who told me how to normalize my workouts.

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16-11-2020 00:31
Could you tell me some more information about it? Let’s talk in PM
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