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From the super exclusive to the free-for-all…Our productivity levels are hugely impacted by our surroundings, some work better in peace and quiet, others are most efficient in a bustling office environment. With Dubai being such a great entrepreneurial hub, many of the UAE’s residents have their own business or work freelance so these spaces are the perfect solution to providing a unique location to work from.
From lively cafés to rent-a-desk facilities, here are 8 of the best co-working spaces in Dubai.
1. Nasab by KOA

What is it: A luxe members-only community with a work-space and social club for Dubai’s most interesting “thought leaders and game-changers”. The club has an elegant aesthetic that makes you feel at home, if your home has a photography studio, a gym, two swimming pools, private offices, a library and three food and drink outlets. Applicants should prove their level of interesting-ness, in order to be considered (and no, that doesn’t mean boasting about the number of Instagram followers you have).
How much does it cost: Nasab has restructured its membership into three tiers. Drop-in allows solo business owners to rent a workspace for the day, with prices starting from Dhs140. On-demand HQ is for medium sized teams who need a private space to work, host meetings, brainstorming sessions etc., this costs Dhs1,400 per day. Or, for a regular HQ for the whole team, you can rent a private suite for 1-2 days per week at Dhs2,450 per month.
What are the perks: Aside from the endless facilities and gorgeous interior, the club also has regular events, workshops and discussions to help the members to collaborate and communicate. You’ll also have access to two stunning swimming pools, a paddle tennis court and F&B facilities.
Nasab, Koa Canvas, Wadi Al Safa 3, Dubai, from Dhs140 per day. nasabdubai.com
2. A4 Space

What is it: Located in the art-hub of Dubai, Alserkal Avenue, the cafe is an absolute winner, with delicious organic produce and brews from homegrown favourite Raw Coffee Company. There’s desks upstairs and small reading nooks you can climb into and lose yourself in a book.
How much does it cost: The space is totally free to use, maybe just buy a coffee and a sandwich to help them keep the space running.
What are the perks: Great Wi-fi, a cinema screening room and a mezzanine level with a community library.
Warehouse 4, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai, 10am to 7pm, Sat to Thur, free. Tel: (050) 5569797. alserkalavenue.ae
3. Astrolabs

What is it: Located in JLT, the sun streams into Astrolab’s workspace and illuminates a huge ‘Make It Happen’ sign on the wall as tech start-ups beaver away at their projects. It’s a real community feel with success stories front and centre – partnerships with IBM and Google For Entrepreneurs represent a major draw, as well as the restaurants within a minute’s walk, of course.
How much does it cost: Prices start from Dhs750 per month for Moonlighter After Hours, a flexible non-peak hours membership on a month-to-month basis; Dhs1,500 will get you a flexible membership with 24/7 access and additional perks; and it’s Dhs2,500 per month when signing up to an annual contract, including a trade license, sponsor for five residents and  24/7 access.
What are the perks: With a focus on tech businesses, the space is built for entrepreneurs with open plan, bookable meeting rooms, coding cave and device lab to test your apps.
Cluster R, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, daily 24 hours, Dhs750 to Dhs2,500. Tel: (04) 454 1159. astrolabs.com
4. Nook

What is it: Ravi Bhusari and Derv Rao established Nook to help sports, fitness and wellness entrepreneurs set up and run their business. They offer commercial licensing and space in a collaborative working environment.
How much does it cost: Coworking desks start from Dhs60 per day, Dhs250 per week, or Dhs1,000 per month. However you can also rent office space, fitness studios, ‘Zoom rooms’ for video calls, event rooms, conference spaces and much more.
What are the perks: Purpose-built studios and training areas with showers and changing facilities on site. Regular community socials, talks and training workshops. Plus, all co-working plans include a commercial license for your business, issued by DMCC.
Nook, One JLT, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai, from Dhs60 per day. Tel: 04 405 4100. nookwork.ae
5. Nest

What is it: Located inside the quirky Tryp By Wyndham, co-working lounge, Nest, has plenty of spaces to get down to business. Highlights include privacy pods, indoor garden zone and cool community space. Good for freelancers looking for a more focused alternative to sitting in a noisy café.
How much does it cost: One-day access with limited perks costs Dhs80 in the week or Dhs50 on weekends; 10 visits per month plus additional perks costs Dhs899; unlimited access with all the perks costs Dhs1,499 per month.
What are the perks: Unlimited coffee and snacks, discounts on dining, spa and laundry services at the hotel, pool and gym access, free valet parking and cheaper room rates at the hotel.
NEST, TRYP by Wyndham, Barsha Heights, Dubai, 8am to 11pm, Dhs50 to Dhs1,499. Tel: (04) 247 6699. nestdubai.co
6. Our Space

What is it: Right above the Lamborghini showroom, this place has all the essentials to get some serious work done. Created with nature and holistic wellness in mind, the multi-purpose space mixes wood, vines and living green walls to create an outside-in vibe across its 400-capacity workspace.
How much does it cost: Hot desk packages start from Dhs1,700 per month; office space packages start from Dhs8,000 per month, or meeting space can be rented from Dhs70 per hour.
What are the perks: Besides on-site IT support, guest pass availability, and virtual PA services, Our Space offers free yoga, healthy food created by the award-winning Bystro team, and an in-house massage therapist.
Our Space, Lamborghini, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, 9am to 6pm, Sunday to Thursday, Dhs70 to Dhs8,000. Tel: (04) 524 0434. ourspace.work
7. Letswork

What is it:  Rather than a fixed location, Letswork has transformed some of the city’s top venues to create affordable pop-up co-working spaces. Sign up and pay online, then head to any of the participating venues. So far, 40 locations are available including:  Arabian Ranches Golf Club, Caya, Chicago Meatpackers, One Life, and Rove Hotels.
How much does it cost: Day rates start at Dhs39; it;s Dhs209 for seven days within one month; monthly rates are Dhs499, while three months is Dhs1,299.
What are the perks: Unlimited tea, coffee, water and WiFi, free parking, seats with plugs, 20 per cent discount on food and drink at each location and meeting room access.
Letswork, various locations, Dubai, Dhs39 to Dhs1,299. Tel: (04) 245 5354. letswork.io 
8. Witwork

What is it: Similar to Letswork, Witwork provides access to daytime dormant spaces (i.e. restaurants, pubs and cafes that are popular in the evenings or on the weekends, but are mostly empty during off-peak hours) across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ras al Khaimah.
How much does it cost: You can start with a Dhs20 day pass, after that plans start from Dhs100 per week, Dhs250 per month and Dhs666 per quarter.
What are the perks: Unlimited tea and coffee, plus discounted rates on meeting rooms available within the hotels WitWork operates from.

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As I see it, coworking is perhaps the most convenient format for freelancers, startups, entrepreneurs and all those who, for one reason or another, can not or do not want to work from home, and are not ready to spend money on a full-fledged office. I am currently looking out for coworking offices in the Emirates. Guys, maybe someone had the experience of working with this https://theplace.group/ [theplace.group] company? Share your impressions? What are the conditions for providing space in offices? Thank you all in advance.

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Are there any good coworking spaces in Houston?

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You should find a new coworking space that works for you. Of course, almost every coworking space is noisy because all the people are working. But there is an upside to that as well. When I was first looking for a coworking space, users on the forum advised me to read the information here https://osdoro.com/us/coworking-space-dallas/ [osdoro.com]and for a good reason. I came to the office of experienced people who helped me with advice. Moreover, they told me how I could pay fewer taxes legally.
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