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06-10-2020 02:58
Hi … My name is Stephen Knifton, a Toronto-based film/video producer. I’m also a teacher. 

I run several college courses and a variety of workshops all focusing on video storytelling.

My new course is Smartphone Filmmaking, which teaches people how to turn a smartphone into a filmmaking powerhouse. With the installation of a $20 app, and creative skills training, you can shoot magazine-quality photos, and produce film-quality video. 
The quality of work you can squeeze from your phone is remarkable; easily up to the standards of vlogging, commercial and brand video work, documentary and narrative film work.
Social media managers have to relentlessly feed their social platforms. Enabling people with cinematic skills opens up the creative to everyone. 
The power to create is right in your hands. And easy on your pocket. 

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16-10-2020 14:30
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