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Registered: 13-12-2007
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05-06-2008 07:06
Hi all
i have purchased a second-hand N70. I want to install tomtom software on the phone can anyone help please? also please tell me whether N70 and Tomtom go hand in hand?

Registered: 18-12-2007
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09-06-2008 10:12
I just want to know, what happens when you get a phone call while you are using Tomtom GPS ?

Registered: 18-12-2007
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17-06-2008 13:27
I am using Tomtom on N70 and for me, both work fine. When you get a call, the screen goes into nav. mode and you can attend a call without any disturbance.

Registered: 27-03-2008
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19-06-2008 12:38
When you get a call, the screen goes into navigation by instruction mode, so you don't get any voices talking over you.

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21-06-2008 10:03
You can buy tomtom maps from official site, or get the copies from eBay which might cost you little less. and i am happy with my N70 and tomtom software.
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