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Registered: 26-12-2007
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26-06-2008 08:44
when i plug a headset into the jack. the phones says, .. headset connected... but, the sound still comes through the phone and not the headset.

Registered: 22-12-2007
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28-06-2008 10:52
have you tried the same headset with other phone? also there might be some loose connection or dirt on the headset which might cause problems.

Registered: 15-05-2009
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22-05-2009 20:04
Try changing the settings of your phone
My friend had this prob and he changed the settings and now the headset works nicely without giving any trouble applause

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30-06-2011 07:42
Wow...good to know and it is thus amazing to hear this.

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07-08-2018 07:31
If the problem persists then you can go ahead with mobile phone repairing services at Togofogo.
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