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25-09-2020 04:46
Are you using a default ringtone as notification alert? For Android users, it's not a hard thing to change a ringtone. Wanna be a special phone user, then start with this easy thing - changing your ringtones. Follow this guide to customize your personal ringtones and apply on Samsung Galaxy Note 20/20 Ultra or other mobile phones.

Part 1. Customize Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ringtones [bit.ly]
Part 2. Apply New Custom Ringtones on Samsung Galaxy Note 20 [bit.ly]
♪♪ Apply New Custom Ringtones for the Entire Agenda [syncios.com]
♪♪ Assign a Personal Ringtone to a Special Caller [syncios.com]
♪♪ Set Text Messages Notification Ringtone [syncios.com]
Video Tutorial - Easy to Customize Ringtones on Samsung Galaxy Note 20/20 Ultra [bit.ly]
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