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Registered: 02-01-2008
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02-02-2008 08:44
i am using this phone for few days. overall its an average phone, don't know why they call it "classic". its has mediocre reception, especially when u r driving.. the voice is unclear.. if 'reception' is very important to you, don't buy this phone. Anyone facing same problem?

Registered: 31-12-2007
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02-02-2008 08:56
I don’t find any reception related problem , its working fine here in Germany. but another ridiculous thing is – removing a sim card and a battery. Forget about replacing a sim or battery if you don’t have a small screw driver or long fingernails..

Registered: 01-02-2008
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11-02-2008 11:23
even i am not facing any kind of problem with 6500 classic
it works fantastic for me

Registered: 13-02-2008
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13-02-2008 07:48
it is working fine for me maybe you've got a defective one
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