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26-08-2020 22:10
BBC Three's investigation into the world of online sex/striptease shows, The Truth About Webcam Girls, certainly didn't hold anything back. If this show was a webcam girl, it would be a hardcore, no holds barred, XXX girl.
It covered everything from the grim functionality of squeezing in a game of X-Box between punters and managing to strip off when you've still got your leggings and everyday socks on, to the dark underbelly lurking beneath webcam sex - the financial lure of hardcore porn and escorting.
While the documentary managed to maintain a light tone - "Whips, latex, baby oil, dog lead, nipple clamps, anal beads?" - and the girls involved in the show, Sammie, Carla and Olivia, came across as savvy and hugely likeable, the show didn't shirk its responsibility to unearth the most grim parts of their lives.
From the scarred former porn actress Sammie ("I would never do that again. I would never do movies like that again. But I would beat up some guys for money.") to the lonely singleton Carla, who is happy to take on pretty much any request (naked except Ugg boots with cooking oil - why not?), but can't find a man, to 21-year-old Olivia, who currently covers her modesty online. But how long can she avoid the lure of much more cash.
The beginning of the doc veered headfirst into titillation, pushing the viewers into the position of the punter, getting a full-frontal display of bending, teasing and smutty talks. As we got to know the girls, unravel their pasts and their insecurities, anyone leering over the show must have been left feeling pretty grubby.
While some of the revelations may not have been too shocking - men claim to have massive willies - the dry reality of these girls' lives as they were watched chopping sweet potatoes in their underwear, casually leaving giant pink dildos around their flats and ditching romantic dinners with their partners to make a couple of quid shaking their bits, certainly lifted the lid on an industry without an ounce of glamour.

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27-08-2020 21:43
BBCs are always doing interesting research. And even if it concerns the web model and porn site [onlinestars.net], it is still interesting to know the whole truth about this business and service. There is still a stereotype in society that the profession of webcam models is comparable to prostitution, but I can safely say that these are completely different industries. More precisely, the models communicate with their clients in an online video chat. The appearance and age of the girls are not as important as the freedom and ability to keep yourself on the camera. This is not prostitution, that's for sure.
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