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"I need to print text messages from a specific phone number to my phone... the messages are still on my iPhone. I need a copy for the court and not sure how to get them off the phone or if it is even possible to print text messages from iPhone.?" ---- Mac Raddy

Sometimes the text messages on your iPhone are very valued. For example, they can be used as evidence in court. In this case, you are required to print your iPhone text messages to the readable format. If you don’t want to lose the lovely messages that a loved one sent due to various reasons such as iPhone suddenly breaks, printing text messages from iPhone on paper is also a great way to back up the lovely conversation on your phone. 
No matter what your reasons are for saving your text messages, having a way to save and keep track of everything can be a relief. We will introduce you three ways with which you can print text messages from iPhone [bit.ly]. You are able to print iPhone text messages via Email, screenshot, and third-party tools.
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